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Music stuff

I have been a musician most of my life. I started violin at age 6, but being left-handed, I kept trying to play it reversed, so I was encouraged to take up a wind instrument. I started clarinet at 7, and moved to oboe at 13, coming perilously close to becoming a professional oboist. But other interests called and so music became secondary, but has remained important in my life.

After oboe I took up sax and flute, briefly studying with Buddy Collette. While I dabble in many instruments, winds remain my main gig, and recently I have fallen in love with the tárogató, a Hungarian wind instrument that, in a way, combines the best of the oboe and the sax, with shades of clarinet thrown in. I’ve been lucky to pick up some really lovely instruments lately, and I’ve written some odes to them in the following pages.

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