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P. Angenieux St. Heand Type 86 95-100mm projection lens

Here is another relatively unknown Angenieux lens made for projection of 35mm film, as described in my page for the Type 65 lens. This one is rather huge, with a front element of ~77mm, giving it the effective speed of f1.2. This lens does not have the crazy swirly bokeh of the Type 65, but it does swirl, and also has a most lovely (to me) characteristic structure to the elements that are out of focus. I had a slightly longer Type 75 lens that looked very similar but with smoother bokeh, and actually also have a slightly longer Type 86 (110-115mm) that looks somewhat similar to this one, but also has a smoother bokeh. It appears that perhaps the shorter the focal length, the quirkier the bokeh on these lenses. In any case this one is a gem. Please have a look below.