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Isco-Göttingen Edixa Westromat 35mm f2.8

This is another hidden gem of the bokeh world. Because of the short focal length and the relatively small maximum aperture, one needs to focus fairly close to throw the background out of focus, but when one does, the lens has a lovely, very structured bokeh. The lens itself is of high optical quality and focuses close, giving very good results at relatively high magnifications. The Edixa version is M42 mount. There is also a version for the Exakta called the “Berolina Westromat”, which–while optically identical–seems more cheaply constructed–using a lot of plastic as opposed to the all-metal construction of the Edixa lens (but still decent and solid as most vintage lenses are). These can still be had quite cheaply, and if you like a rather sharp bokeh, it is a lens to have.