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Dallmeyer Oscillograph 3 inch (76mm) f2.8 lens

The Dallmeyer Oscillograph is another lens designed for shooting oscilloscope traces, but this lens is nowhere near as extreme as the other oscillo lenses I have tried. It does not have the negative field curvature that creates the distorted edges that those from Ilex, Elgeet and Wollensak do. It is quite reasonable for everyday shooting. I found that reverse mounting the lens gives a wonderful etched effect to the out-of-focus areas, quite unlike that I have seen with any other lens. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it really does. I now keep a focusing helicoid on both ends, so that I can reverse it at a moment’s notice and try it both ways. As an additional bonus, the helicoid on the front acts as a lens hood 🙂