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The End of Wonderland

Wonderland is an abandoned, unfinished amusement park situated about 50 kilometers north of Beijing, along the highway to the Badaling section of the Great Wall. It was started in 1990 but disputes with landowners forced its abandonment in 1998. I heard about it last year and finally managed to get there last week, only to find that it is finally being demolished. Although this was somewhat disappointing, it did allow me to take some interesting photographs.


  1. BMBLGames
    2016/04/16 @ 08:05

    Oh no! But it was such an awesome and creepy location!


  2. Aynan
    2017/01/12 @ 18:01

    It’s bad that the pictures can’t be zoomed!


    • tobylog1
      2017/01/31 @ 23:26

      I agree. I wish my theme allowed that.


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