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  1. Monique Johannot
    2017/10/18 @ 06:23

    Excellent, could you say how you mount the lens onto an ordinary reflex ( for example canon 6D ) . I really would like to adapt them .


    • tobylog1
      2017/10/25 @ 02:05

      Hi Monique,
      Unfortunately, many of these lenses cannot be mounted on reflex cameras because of the distance from the lens mount to the sensor. Many of these lenses were designed for rangefinder cameras or other types of cameras. Many of the longer lenses can be adapted, but it depends on the construction of the lens and other factors as to how to mount them. There are various adapters available on eBay, depending on the lens. eBay has focusing helicoids to allow the lenses to focus, but you need to find out the distance from the back of the lens to the sensor for focusing to know which one to buy.


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