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Isco-Göttingen Westar 75mm f2.9

This is a lens that was only fitted as an option on three old cameras from the 1950s. I tracked one down, and so for $40 I have one of my very favorite lenses in terms of bokeh. It is something like the Trioplan in terms of its “bubbles”, but perhaps even more pronounced in that regard than its German cousin. It has, in any case, a strong “structural” bokeh, which is my favorite. I got my copy just as early autumn butterfly season was beginning, and I spent some days at the flowers shooting with it, and very happy with the results.

Addendum: Since my original lens had serious scratches, I hunted down a few others, looking for one in good condition, and in so doing found out something quite interesting. There seem to have been two different versions of the Westar, and they have quite different looks. The Westar fitted to the Franka Solida and the Dacora Digna were of one type, while that fitted to the Balda Baldix appears to be of another, with a very different look. The Baldix version does not have the thin circles that give the shots below an etched look. It is not bad, but definitely not the same as the lens fitted to the other two cameras. I’ll try to post some shot with the Baldix version and caption them as such when I can. It is worth noting that the Dacora/Franka version tends to lack contrast and flare even without cleaning marks on the front of the lens. This can obviously be corrected in post, and does tend to give the lens a soft glow that can be quite pleasing. And it is very sharp!