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Elgeet Cine Navitar 2 inch f1.5

This lens is a sleeper. When I first ran across examples of images shot with this C Mount lens, I was immediately attracted to the look. It has swirly bokeh like crazy, which is unusual for a 2 inch lens. The few references I found dismissed it as “too swirly”, but as with any other lens, the trick is finding the sweet spot of distance and aperture. I managed to find one, and I adore it. It has a look like no other. The Cooke Kinic 1 inch C Mount lens is also known for it swirly bokeh, but it has an entirely different look–much softer out-of-focus areas. It also vignettes severely on an APS-C sensor.

The Elgeet, for starters, is astoundingly sharp in the center of the frame, with excellent contrast and acutance–as good as any lens I have seen. Unlike most classic lenses, it is quite resistant to flare. And I love the way it renders areas not in focus–creating sharply delineated elements even when defocused. And at close focus distances, it covers the entire APS-C frame.

It is true that at further distances the swirl becomes annoying, but for classic bokeh shots, this lens is like no other.