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Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat 8 inch f2.0 lens

Unfortunately my beloved 102mm Super Six was stolen in China. While looking for a replacement I ran across this “big brother” to that lens. The 8 inch Super Six was the largest of the series (and the only one at f2.0 instead of f1.9 except for some made for military use). It has a front diameter of more than 120mm and weighs a wopping 3.5 kilos. Since this lens has an image circle that will easily cover 5″x7″, I find it a shame that all I have is 35mm full frame. I’m considering trying to mount it on a 4″x5″ Speed Graphic to see what it is capable of in large format.

As with most very fast telephoto lenses of the time, this one suffers from pretty severe longitudinal chromatic aberration, but that can be mostly cleaned up in post. The depth of field is absurdly shallow, and actually the lens can be very hard to use in terms of bokeh shooting, as elements behind the plane of focus quickly turn into an indistinguishable blur, not showing the very characteristic look for which Super Sixes are famous.

Here are some of my first tries with this lens.