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Dallmeyer Super Six 102mm f1.9

I add a special page for this lens. As I mentioned in my “Dallmeyer lenses” page, the lenses from this English maker are highly prized for their lovely bokeh, and the Super Sixes are held in special awe and command astronomical prices. I thought long and hard before spending a large chunk of my savings on this particular lens. I wondered if actually I was making a mistake, and the rendering of this lens would be similar to others that I have.

That is not the case. The Super Sixes do have a particular look unlike any other lens that I have or have used. This one, being 102mm at f1.9– as compared to the shorter focal lengths–is especially nice I feel, for the extremely shallow depth of field, which shows off the unique look of the out-of-focus areas stunningly.

This has become by far my favorite lens. My only regret is that I am not able to utilize its capabilities fully: it will cover an area of 6x9cm, and I am using it only on 35mm full frame. However that has not stopped me from carrying this large and heavy lens along with me on my photo expeditions whenever I go out.

You will see many treatments of similar themes. I make no apologies for that, because I believe that each image stands on its own merits. I hope you enjoy this images as much as I do.