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Welcome to my pages, and thanks for visiting. I still have much work to do on this site, so ask for your patience. I have many images to upload and will be adding content more or less  continuously for some time. Galleries will be added and established ones filled.

My day job consists of being a video cameraman and video editor for ZDF German TV in East Asia. I divide my time between studios in Tokyo and Beijing, and have the great privilege of traveling a lot — and not as a tourist — meeting people in all walks of life.

However my true love is not video, but still photography. Whenever possible, I throw a camera over my shoulder and wander out to see what I can find that catches my eye. For the past several years, I have tried to take my images beyond what I see in the viewfinder, either with techniques such as HDR (high dynamic range imaging), or by slow shutter speeds. I want to be surprised by what I capture.

For a number of years, I have also been enchanted with fractal images. I was first introduced to them on an old IBM 360/90 mainframe, and in the 90s was surprised to find that home computers were advanced enough to generate them. I have written a number of fractal formulae and algorithms, which I use to generate my images.

In addition, I have been involved in music for many years, and play a range of woodwind instruments.

I hope you enjoy your visit.



  1. Suzanne Sherry-Bayliss
    2013/04/17 @ 13:15

    Dearest Toby, So glad to see your website. I am glad to be able to share it with some friends. Your photos are inspirational, looking forward to many more. Thank you, Suzanne


  2. Mary Lee Guderjahn
    2013/04/18 @ 00:38

    What a gorgeous website! I’d like to share on Facebook, is that ok?


  3. Shakti
    2013/09/07 @ 01:39

    Great work Toby. Beautiful and meaningful work. Be very proud of yourself.


  4. michael newell
    2015/10/29 @ 16:12

    Sir Toby,

    You have some remarkable work here. What a fine life’s work you have produced. You have traveled a long way from The Living Theatre. Ernie Guderjahn had sent me some of your work (a while back when I was still living in Rwanda) done in the region of Japan devastated by the nuclear catastrophe. It was powerful work, but the range of work you have here on your website is amazing.

    I tip my hat to you, and your life in art. A Busy Monster Manunkind is long ago and far away.



    • tobylog1
      2015/11/14 @ 00:52

      Mike! How great to hear from you! Where are you now?


  5. michael newell
    2015/11/19 @ 20:17

    I am currently in Reedsport, Oregon, on Oregon’s south-central coast. I spent 20 years abroad in ten countries on five continents. I have retired to Oregon where I mostly work on getting more of my poetry published. By the way Bob Fox stopped by here a couple of months back. He was up here with his fiancee.

    How are you doing these days?



  6. Jerica Jaso
    2016/05/20 @ 02:04

    Awesome share!

    Mind if I hinted (in a good way) at this post on my German blog? I would definitely give you full credit for it.


    • tobylog1
      2016/05/22 @ 08:53

      Oh please feel free 🙂


    • tobylog1
      2017/01/06 @ 02:32

      Hi, you are welcome to mention my post if you wish. Sorry to be so late–I thought this was spam.



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